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This Show Room presents several projects developed by our Company in differents Vertical Sites where our technology is being applied

Servicios Profesionales

Smart+, our SmartCity Model, becomes a model supported by a Technology Platform in the Cloud Computing philosophy, multi-channel multi-device Services for Integrated Smart Entities (Buildings, Communities, Cities, States, …) enabling new models of Management, aligning technological strategies and sensing infrastructure for the provision of Common Services. ennCloud goal is to achieve a more efficient and effective 21st century public infrastructure system, creating new ecosystem for the different actors involved.
SIGTB is based on open architecture and new generation designed to accelerate business processes and cycles of any financial institution, to align technology and business. It becomes a Technology Platform for the Development Bank Cores philosophy based on configurable and modular, enabling high efficiency in its evolution derived from the functional, technological and policy of any entity.
maat International has developed GLIMP Infrastructure, a Cloud enable Technological Infrastructure that supports all the intermodal requirements of the distribute trading partners –operators, users,...–, which enables the achievement of significant improvements in productivity, competitiveness, cost reduction, optimization of time and eliminating inefficiencies in the new emerging Logistics Networked Supply Chain Sector of Conteneraized Traffic.
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